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A rare picture of a wild Ashley & Helen looking out for their podcast listeners

Helen Ross @rossbossxx

Lycoming College 19′

Major- Commercial Design, Minor- Business Admin.

Who is she?… the world may never know, or she. Likable yet weird is definitely one of my most distinct qualities, I am never afraid to be myself and hold my values of honesty, trust, love, and social/economic responsibility with the care. I am a creative person, loves new and fascinating ideas while also struggling to let go of the “constraints” of reality.

I enjoy painting and drawing, eventually without knowing I’ll spend hours doing so. Played college soccer at the D3 level, which is still an accomplishment even though it is not D1. I love watching YouTube videos, TedTalks, listening to podcasts (LOL), or hanging out with my cat (a.k.a the love of my life).

My Ideal Moment: Laying on a huge fluffy couch, that immediately swallows you as you plunge into it. There’s blankets and copious amount of pillows surrounding me like a fortress. Candles are flickering and string lights are glowing. Netflix/YouTube is streaming, my cat’s burrowed around my ankles; there’s a bowl of buttery popcorn to my left, and a salted lamp to my right. Ahhhhh…. purrrrrrrfect.

Ashley Martins @ashcancun

Penn State University ’19

Majors – Marketing & Spanish, Minors – International Business & Global and International Studies

A “Hot Mess Express” is what I consider to be my personal brand as I love constantly trying out new activities (aka one of the reasons why Dude, Let Me Tell You was born)! I love exploring new places, learning about cultures different than my own, and meeting new people. Some say I have the gift of blab – perfect for a podcast host, right?

Currently, my favorite hobbies consist of practicing my Spanish & Portuguese speaking, reading, hiking/being outside (if weather permits), journaling, podcasting, and, as of recently, trying (emphasis on trying) to cook new recipes. Hanging out or even calling my pals and family is something that I absolutely love doing as I feel it is crucial to catch up with people you care about and remind them how important they are to me. Side Note: Food is 110% the way to my heart. My favorite food is anything that is sweet, but I pride myself in slowly trying foods that have a little bit more of a kick to them.

My Ideal Moment: In the airport with my suitcase ready to board a plane and ready to embark on my next adventure. I have a love for travelling and learning about new cultures, so I tend to focus on saving my money to allow myself to explore the world and meet new people. I write about all my adventures and lessons learned in my travel journal to try and remember everything that I see and did. The world is a big place, and I want to see as much of it as humanly possible! I love travelling just about anywhere, but if I end up at a picturesque private beach on an island, I would not be too upset.

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